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Lagan Weir

These two shots were taken from an almost identical location one year apart during return visits to my home town of Belfast in Northern Ireland. I like the similarities – lone man crossing bridge shot from below – but I’m also struck by how different they are and how small changes can change the look of a picture.

The second shot is taken from a few feet to the right of the first which changes the angle of view, as does the use of a different focal length. The first was shot with a 69mm equivalent focal length, the second I no longer know since it was shot on film and I appear to have misplaced the notebook with that information but I think it may have been 24mm. That’s another difference right there – one on digital and one on film. The final and most significant difference is in the light partly a result of the time of day and partly of the weather. I like them both. On my next trip, whenever that may be I’ll be back in the same spot.


Mention Christo, or Hristo, here in Bulgaria and its more likely your hearer will think of footballer Hristo Stoichkov than artist Christo Yavashev who died recently. Christo managed to escape communist Bulgaria in 1956 so perhaps it’s not that surprising.

I saw some of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s smaller wrapped objects in museums but had never seen one of their large installations until a couple of years ago in London when Christo created the London Mastaba in the Serpentine in Hyde Park to coincide with an exhibition in the Serpentine Gallery.

The London Mastaba was a temporary monumental sculpture made in the shape of a mastaba – an ancient Egyptian style of tomb – from more that 7,500 55-gallon painted barrels. The response was mixed with the Guardian’s reviewer describing it as ‘a gigantic bath toy afloat on tepid waters’, while the Telegraph’s critic described it as a ‘jaw-dropping wonder’. I loved it. I only had a mobile phone with me on that trip but here are a few pictures I took at the time. Thank you Christo.