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Rolling Stock

I took these pictures of an impressively large collection of railway rolling stock at Tbilisi Central Railway Station almost ten years ago. Georgian Railway runs a relatively small network and judging by the variety of paint jobs and the condition of some of the carriages these were older, out-of-service units that had been lined up on the marshalling tracks at the station and abandoned. Some are clearly very old like the restaurant car in the third picture where the word ‘restaurant’ is in Cyrillic rather than Georgian script. The smoke visible from some of the carriages comes from heaters, or possibly stoves, or both, that were lit by security guards who spent their days watching over the rolling stock and who had converted some of them into guard huts.

I liked the combination of strong lines, repeated shapes and different colours. The covered walkway visible in the first, fourth and last pictures was lined with little shops and market stalls selling all kinds of food, household goods and bric-a-brac. Looking at more recent satellite images the ranks have thinned out since my time though there is still a good number left further along the tracks.

Bangkok – Spick and Span

Central Railway Station, Bangkok

I spent a couple of hours wandering around Bangkok Railways Station taking photographs. No-one followed me around, no-one told me not to take photographs. It’s sad to think that there are fewer and fewer places like this in the world where photographers are, if not welcomed, at least accepted. Most of the platforms at the station are under a translucent canopy which does a wonderful job of softening the harsh light. I focused on the floor and waited for the cleaner to walk into the frame. It’s not perfect but I was quite pleased with the result.

Sofia Metro

I’ve taken very few photographs of the Sofia Metro which is surprising given that metro systems are one of my favourite subjects. Of those few these are the only two I thought worth keeping. The first is the Serdika station in central Sofia, the second is one of the underground walkways at the NDK station.