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Forest Snow

It’s been a strange winter in Sofia. We had one day of snow back in December which disappeared after a couple of days and that was it until this week when it snowed on Monday with a little more on Tuesday. That snow is melting away and the temperature is rising again. So on Tuesday I took a lunchtime walk through a nearby forest with my camera before the snow is gone.

These were the first pictures I’ve taken in a long time. I was out for a walk in November with my F2 but in the end I didn’t bother developing the film because I didn’t think there was much on it. Before that I took some pictures in September. Even then it felt like I was forcing myself to shoot, so it was good to get out because I wanted to rather than because I felt I should.

I left the film cameras and my X-T2 on the shelf and took my ten year old Panasonic Lumix LX5. The more I use this little camera, the more I like it. I bought it a couple of years ago second hand, having good memories – and a lot of good pictures – from its predecessor, the LX3, which I had for quite a few years. It’s a shame Panasonic appears to have given up on the LX line, though I understand this isn’t a strong market segment any more and it’s hard to compete against the Sony RX100.

Here are a few pictures from my walk.


Whin bushes, also known as Gorse or Furze depending on what part of the world you are in, are a common sight across Ireland in hedgerows and, as here, by the coast where they seem to thrive on thin sandy oil. In full bloom the bright yellow flowers stretching along the coast are a beautiful sight. Every Easter as kids we would pick the flowers and boil them up in water to dye our Easter eggs. Whin has a lovely dry coconut scent and when the coastal winds are blowing across sweeps of bushes they carry the scent with them. In the grey of an overcast day, or in the mist or fog, the bright splash of yellow stands out like a beacon. You can see more whin bushes in my pictures from Castleward.