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Washington Monument

I’m not generally an early adopter. I prefer to wait until the reviews are in and the price has dropped. Yet when Sony announced the original RX100 I decided to get one as soon as they became available. I’m a fan of small, serious cameras and have been ever since I pickup up a Panasonic LX3 ten years ago. I sold the RX100 a couple of years ago because I was finding the slow lens a little limiting and as I – and my eyes – got older, I found the absence of a viewfinder frustrating. Sony corrected both those failings with the RX100iii and subsequent versions but they were even more expensive that the original RX100. I may yet buy another RX100, with the RX100vA very tempting.

Meanwhile here are a few night shots I took around the Washington Monument in Washington DC. I thought these turned out really well considering just how dark it was. The RX100 was right at the edge of its capabilities here. I was shooting at ISO 3200 with the lens wide open. This gave me shutter speeds between 1/20th and 1/40th of a second. The result was some motion blur, but it worked in these particular shots. Converting most of them to black and white and darkening the sky even further helped take care of noise. I thought these turned out quite well.