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The Skogafoss waterfall is just off the ring road about 100 miles south east of Reykjavik. The day we visited was grey and overcast so we didn’t get the nice views with blue skies and rainbows that often feature in pictures of the falls. It was also windy and the wind was whipping up the spray so that there was no way to get close without getting soaked and no way to keep my lens dry to take pictures. As a result all my photographs from below are blurred from water droplets on the lens surface. I climbed up the steps leading to a viewing platform above the waterfall and discovered another much smaller, but to me much nicer, waterfall on the river just above Skogafoss. A walking path followed the course of the river far into the hills beyond. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to explore further but did take twenty minutes to take some photographs.

After Skogafoss we passed yet another waterfall, Seljalandsfoss, further down the ring road. We didn’t stop on the way out but by the time we reached it on the way back night had fallen and the waterfall was illuminated by spotlights. It was bitterly cold and there was a driving wind that nearly knocked me off my feet but I tried taking a few pictures with the camera braced against a fence post. Needless to say they weren’t the greatest pictures I’ve ever taken but one of them wasn’t too bad. So here are two pictures, one shot through a water smudged lens of Skogafoss and the other shot in a driving wind with a half second exposure of Seljalandsfoss.

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