Olli Thomson

Single Shot – Mind Your Language

On Tsar Ivan Asen II Street in Sofia demonstrating once again that English is the international language of graffiti. Taken with a Minolta XD and Rokkor MD 24/2.8 on Kodak Ektar and fine tuned in Lightroom.

This picture also illustrates the XD’s hair trigger shutter release. I was waiting for the older gentleman to move into the scene from the left but intended for him to be a little further into the frame. What I thought was my gentle pressure on the release button was enough to fire the shutter a fraction too soon. I was relieved when I got the developed film back and saw that I had at least got some of him in the frame.

Undoubtedly if I used the XD more I would adjust to this but alternating it with my FM2n which has greater resistance and travel in the shutter release (not to mention a couple of digital cameras) means that I always get caught out once or twice on each roll.

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