Olli Thomson

Roll 9

Roll eight was affected by my scanner problems so I’m holding off on posting images from that roll until I have my scanner back and can re-do the negatives (which are travelling to Bulgaria by ship so it might be a while.)

In the meantime here are a few shots from roll nine. These were taken with my Konica Auto S3 and this was the first time I had taken it out since I had it serviced. This was also my first time using Kodak Ektar. It’s a nice film and compared to the Lomo Colour 100 I used a while ago it’s a lot smoother and less grainy. The downside is that it does tend to leave people with very orange skin and in many of these shots I had to desaturate the orange and reds.

I’m also in the process of writing a review for the Konica which should appear on another website in due course.

First, a few shots, as always, from the Lincoln Memorial.

Next, the Vietnam Memorial.

The Second World War Memorial.

Finally, the Korean War Memorial.

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