Olli Thomson

Roll 5

Another test roll. This time I picked up a roll of Agfa Vista 400, a relatively cheap all purpose colour film and loaded it into the Konica C35. Once again the back was sealed up with electrical tape since I haven’t yet got round to fixing the light seals. Over a few days I walked around Alexandria, Arlington and Georgetown and took a long walk along the Mount Vernon Trail.

The Agfa film, which I bought because it was the cheapest in the store, turns out to be very acceptable. Technically, it’s not Agfa film because there is no such thing any more. Instead, the name is licenced by Agfa-Gaevert to a German company called Lupus, who repackage film from another manufacturer as AgfaPhoto Vista plus 400. The consensus of opinion seems to be that this is a rebranded Fuji film, presumably Superia X-tra 400.

Whatever it is I like it. It’s warmer than the Kodak Gold film I shot recently and for a cheap 400 the grain is decent. I particularly liked it because it is much easier to work with after scanning than the Kodak Portra I tried a few months ago. Scanning the negatives as DNG’s and then converting negative to positive in Lightroom was a frustrating process with the Portra, but with the Vista the process was simpler and quicker and the results were consistently better also.

So here are some images from roll five.

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