Olli Thomson

Roll 4

My latest acquisition is a Konica C35 , a compact, largely auto exposure rangefinder for those days when I don’t want to carry an SLR. I got it for $30 in working order from a reputable seller with a 14 day return option and a 6 month warranty, so it seemed to be worth taking a chance.

These classic compact rangefinders are all 40–50 years old, often more, and were never built to the same standards as SLRs, so a lot can go wrong. Even though mine was working that doesn’t necessarily mean working properly. Exposure meters can be inaccurate or shutter speeds can be off.

So I picked up a cheap roll of film — Kodacolor Gold 200 — and took a walk around Washington to test everything out. I shot in all kinds of conditions to test the camera and to find out its limits so I’m only publishing the more presentable one here. I’m pleased to say that everything appears to be working and working properly.

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