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Roll 2

I’ve never been a prolific photographer and I’m enjoying the slower pace of film photography, though part of that slowing down is a consequence of surgery to my left hand which makes manual cameras a little more challenging. Around two months ago, before the surgery, I did spend another day out and about in DC with the FM2n.

While almost all of my previous work has been in colour, my intention with film was to experiment more with black and white as a deliberate choice rather than simply another digital option. I did, though, buy a couple of rolls of colour film to try out as well. So for my second roll I chose Kodak Portra 400.

Again, I stuck to the familiar, shooting mostly around the Mall and in Chinatown. With nearly two months between taking the pictures and seeing them it was an interesting experience to connect my expectations at the time with the reality when I finally saw them. Generally, they were as expected, though there were some disappointments towards the end of the roll. This wasn’t really a surprise since I ended up with five or six frames left and decided to try to finish the roll up rather than look for better opportunities another time. There were also a few that turned out better than expected, mostly the shots around Chinatown.

I also noticed with this roll that the images were a little on the dark side — not excessively so, but enough that I could add half a stop of exposure in Lightroom. I’m not sure at this point if this is a function of how they are scanned by the lab, or whether the light meter in the camera is a little off. From what I’ve read the meter in the FM2n had a tendency to over expose if anything so I would be surprised if it was under exposing. The other possibility is that after twenty years the timing on the shutter is a little off. I’ll need to experiment a little more by comparing readings from another camera to see if it’s a consistent trait and then make allowances for that.

Here is a selection of images from roll two.

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