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Having switched my website to WordPress and decided to stick with Lightroom (more on that in another post) I ended up with a spare website. Subscribers to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Plan get access to Adobe Portfolio website builder and Adobe Spark as well as both Lightroom products and Photoshop. So I decided to make use of my portfolio site by setting up a film only website, Granularity, to complement this one where the film content is mixed in with everything else. I spent the last couple of days setting it up and I still have some content to add to the Reviews section. I plan to add another gallery for recent material which I can add to as I shoot more throughout the year. Please take a look and let me know what you think. If you are a Lightroom subscriber but are not yet using Portfolio it is well worth investigating.

New Website

The Front Page

My website has moved around over time. Years back – I can’t remember when – I set up my first site using Smugmug. Smugmug had some nice templates and lots of options for customisation. The very active user group at Digital Grin was also a great resource for tips and ideas. The one thing Smugmug lacked was an integrated blogging platform. At first I blogged elsewhere with links back and forward and tried to match the website template as best I could, but it was hardly an ideal solution and I began to look elsewhere.


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