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Keegan the Photo Coach

Petapixel carried a report on a French startup, Regaind, who have created a computer based photo critique programme called Keegan. The programme, based on input from human photographers, offers a basic critique of your images, together with a mark out of ten and a more detailed breakdown of elements of the picture.

The first thing to be said is that it’s great fun to play with. It has a simple drag and drop interface and only takes a few seconds before delivering its verdict. Beyond that, while Keegan is certainly artificial it is clearly lacking in intelligence, at least, in the sense that that word is normally understood. Though, having said that it is definitely cleverly programmed. It can identify blur, angles of vision, colour intensity, placement of the subject and much else besides and generate criticism of images based on those criteria. However, once you get beyond these basic elements of an image the programme runs into trouble. It is simply incapable of dealing with complexity or subtlety.

Of the images that I tested it with, here is the one that scored highest:


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