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Fog on the Potomac

In January last year Washington DC experienced some bitingly cold weather with overnight temperatures dropping to -10C or even lower. On Sunday January 7th the low reached -13C. Five days later when these photographs here were taken the unusually cold weather had given way to unusually warm weather with a low of 14C and a high of 18C. The most spectacular result of these freak conditions was that the frozen Potomac river went straight from ice to steam and the river was covered with a dense layer of drifting, rolling fog. I was out for a walk that morning and in the absence of a ‘proper’ camera I took these pictures with my mobile phone.

Most pictures are of the river Potomac from the Washington DC side around the Arlington Memorial Bridge. A couple are looking back towards Rosslyn on the Virginia side of the river. There are also a couple from the Mall by the Lincoln Memorial where the same effect was visible over the reflecting pool between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, and amazingly could be seen inside the Lincoln Memorial itself where the moisture on the frozen floor was also turning to steam.


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