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Single Shot – Friends

We lived near Tirana’s main park, the Grand Park, and most days I walked there, usually accompanied by a small gang of local street dogs who had adopted me into their pack. In the heavily polluted city the park together with the imaginatively named Artificial Lake provided one of the few escapes from the traffic, the pollution and the general chaos of Tirana. Every day the locals would come to walk, to play, to cycle, to picnic or just to sit and relax. On the weekends in particular the older generation would put on their Sunday best and promenade on the pathway that winds around the lake.

On this particular day I was watching life from a park bench when these two older gentlemen, strolling and chatting, approached and sat down a little way from me. They sat there in mostly companionable silence, exchanging the occasional few words, and I snapped this picture of them discreetly. They reminded me of my grandfather, though he was of an even older generation. Granda Moore always wore a suit and tie. I can’t recall him ever wearing anything else. He wore simple but sturdy leather shoes and he never went out without a hat. I could well imagine him sitting on the bench beside these two passing the time of day.

Single Shot – Mind Your Language

On Tsar Ivan Asen II Street in Sofia demonstrating once again that English is the international language of graffiti. Taken with a Minolta XD and Rokkor MD 24/2.8 on Kodak Ektar and fine tuned in Lightroom.

This picture also illustrates the XD’s hair trigger shutter release. I was waiting for the older gentleman to move into the scene from the left but intended for him to be a little further into the frame. What I thought was my gentle pressure on the release button was enough to fire the shutter a fraction too soon. I was relieved when I got the developed film back and saw that I had at least got some of him in the frame.

Undoubtedly if I used the XD more I would adjust to this but alternating it with my FM2n which has greater resistance and travel in the shutter release (not to mention a couple of digital cameras) means that I always get caught out once or twice on each roll.

Single Shot – Oops

In my enthusiasm to squeeze the maximum number of frames out of every roll of film I started shooting this roll one frame too early. Having seen the result, though, I think this is much more interesting than it would have been otherwise. Minolta XD and Lomo Color 100.

Single Shot – Lagan Weir

Lagan Weir Bridge on a grey, overcast day in Belfast. A few minutes later the rain started falling. This is one of my favourite shots from a visit home in 2018. Shot on film with a Nikon FM2n and Lomo Colour 400.

Single Shot – Fragmented

Taken at the entrance to a shopping mall in the Harajuku district of Shibuya, Tokyo.

Single Shot – NDK Metro

This is a widescreen crop. Click on the picture for the full image.

Single Shot – Sundown

Taken during a trip last year to Mount Rainier National Park. This is the view looking West from Paradise.

Single Shot – Windows

Stained glass windows in Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia.

Single Shot – Reykjavik

Morning sunlight over Reykjavik taken from Tjarnargata looking over Tjörnin, the lake by City Hall, with a view of Fríkirkjan and the National Gallery by the lakeshore and Hallgrimskirkja in the background.


Single Shot – St Paul’s Cathedral

While walking through One New Change, a shopping centre in downtown London, I glanced back and noticed this nice view of the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral with matching reflections on the glass walls of the building.


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