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The Myth of Capa

Here is a fascinating article calling into question the accepted narrative concerning Robert Capa’s images from the D-Day landings. It seems that even some of those who have been pushing this narrative for decades are now accepting that at least some elements of it are dubious, including John Morris, Capa’s photo editor at Life magazine. It would be interesting to read a response to the arguments made by Coleman from others who still maintain the truth of the story.

Debunking the Myths of Robert Capa on D-Day

Emotion, Voice, Life

Not one but two great photography articles this morning. In The Observer there is an interview with Don McCullin and Giles Duley. A retrospective of McCullin’s career opens at Tate Britain tomorrow (5 February), which I’ll be visiting next month, and he has been doing a few interviews in advance of that. This is the most interesting of them, partly because McCullin started his professional career at the Observer; mostly because the interview is a three way conversation between the interviewer and the two photographers. Duley is a triple amputee having stepped on an IED in Afghanistan yet despite his horrific injuries he was able to return to his photographic career, documenting the long term consequences of war.

It’s about the emotional – we’re not just photographers, we gather emotionally. A camera doesn’t mean a toss to me. I just put it in front of me and transfer the image through that piece of glass and that film. But I’m using my emotion more than I’m using that piece of equipment. Don McCullin

If I hadn’t been able to take a photograph again then I would rather have died in Afghanistan. Photography, it’s me. It’s my voice. Simple as that. Giles Duley


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