Olli Thomson


Welcome to my website. I’m originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland but these days I’m a serial expat. After a couple of years in Tirana, Albania I then lived in Munich before ending up in Tbilisi in Georgia. I followed that with three years in Manila in the Philippines and I’m currently in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I landed in Albania with my first digital camera and used the images to illuminate my blog of life in the city, Our Man in Tirana. Over time I wrote less and photographed more until at some point I began to think of myself as a photographer more than a writer and created my first website.

I photograph the world I find myself in. That world changes every two or three years so I’m always starting again, discovering somewhere new, evolving my photographic style. I am a photographer of places, most often urban spaces. I am drawn to architecture and design, whether on the grand scale of palaces, churches and skyscrapers or the reassuringly mundane office and apartment blocks of suburbia. I photograph the infrastructure we pass unthinkingly every day – street signs, electrical sub-stations, bins, skips and dumpsters – and the infrastructure that moves us – buses, trams and trains. I also observe urban life, photographing the everyday lives of people in their urban environment. Sometimes I stray beyond the city, but not often.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy my photographs. If you would like to contact me please use the form below.