Manila American Cemetery Part 3

Despite all that the Philippines and Manila suffered during the war I could detect no animosity towards Japanese people among the Filipinos I met. I think this is remarkable but this generosity of spirit seems to be a national trait. Coming from Northern Ireland where we clutch our animosities tightly through generations this is particular noticeable. Yes Manila can be a violent place and some of the conflicts in the country have been and are brutal, but there is an openness and a willingness to accept and welcome former enemies that is quite remarkable.



A Note on the Photographs

Normally I shoot in colour and decide afterwards whether to process particular shots in black and white but in this instance I decided from the outset to shoot in black and white and set the camera up accordingly. (I was shooting in RAW so technically they are not black and white but I had the viewfinder set to black and white). The weather was perfect with the rain holding off but a beautifully textured and tonally diverse grey sky. Blue skies and direct sunlight are the worst possible conditions for shooting in the cemetery since the strong edges of the architecture generate harsh shadows. Add to that the very light coloured stone used and the end result is extreme dynamic range from the near black shadows to the highly reflective bright stonework. The grey skies eliminate the harsh shadows and allowed the texture and structure of the stonework to be displayed.