People of Manila 5

Here’s another set of portrait shots taken on the streets of Manila.

These two women were shopkeepers running small local stores on Wilson Street. At the time I didn’t notice the third lady in the background who was greatly amused by it all. It was only later when looking at the picture onscreen that I noticed her and was able to brighten up that part of the image.

This elderly lady was sitting on a big tyre having a chat with some of her neighbours. They said hello and I grabbed this quick picture. I think this was on Leveriza Street. Without really thinking about it I just about managed to avoid having the yellow pole behind growing out of her head.

This one was taken in Chinatown during Chinese new year This lady was running a news stand on the corner of Ongpin Street.

These were both taken among the many market stalls and small shops along the Taft Avenue Extension. I was always surprised at how many stalls were selling shoes and not just sensible flip flops but crazy shoes with six inch heels.


Manila Street Portraits 1

Manila Street Portraits 2

Manila Street Portraits 3

Manila Street Portraits 4