I took a night time walk around Prague and made use of a feature of the NEX-5 that I can no longer remember much about. As I recall the camera took six shots in quick succession at a hand holdable shutter speed and then stacked them to create a properly exposed shot, though it only worked with jpegs and not raw files. I was sceptical but the shots turned out reasonably well, a little on the soft side but good enough. The softness was down to the camera defaulting to 6400 ISO when using this mode which was a bit of a stretch in the distant days of 2011.

For comparison here are a couple of conventional shots I took as raw files and processed normally. These were shot at 3200 ISO and hand held at 1/15th. The NEX cameras did not have sensor based stabilization but the 18-55 kit lens I was using had optical stabilization that worked well. The first shot below is near identical to the second shot above and, as well as the image stacking technology works, I think the processed single shot raw file is much better. The second shot was taken in the Old Town Square with the striking Tyn Church in the background.